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iMacs n' ART!

Posted by SimonG - October 18th, 2009

[UPDATE]: It's now confirmed, the new ones have quad-prosessor (at least the best one, which I'm going to buy :D), and a 27'' display!!! And the new multitouch mouse is also one awesome thing. There's even more: http://www.apple.com/imac/features.htm l

There's been rumors going around quite some time now about new iMacs, Macbooks and Mac Minis.
And I can't say anything else than IM EXCITED!

My current Mac is a 20'' iMac bought about a year ago. Now I really regret that I didn't buy a 24''! It's really worth the extra money!
It's here the new stuff pops in. How awesome isn't it to get a new iMac, 24'', TOTALLY FRESH and awesome?! As the rumors say, it will be released by the end of October, so hurrah :D Exciteeeed!

- - - - - -

I made THIS to TheRealShadman some days ago cause he's so awesome >:). And he scouted me...

- - - - - -

It's quite some time since I've submitted anything, but it's coming, its coming.

Alright folks.

iMacs n' ART!

Comments (22)

Why don't you buy a 24 inches screen and hook it up to your comp instead of spending 3000$ on a new one

So that I get better specs as well plus new features.

fuck you

Nice to meet you.

Also have the 20" of last year with a better graphics card and 4GB :3
I don't think I'll buy the next iMac, don't have the money, and, why would you? The current iMacs are already fucking fast.

Yeah, but three of my buds have 24''s, and I think its soo delightful with better space, specs and awesomeness. :)

haha I just bought an iMac from apple earlier last week, if I had waited a little bit I could have gotten a new model apparently. OH WELL.


Well, iMacs are so awesome anyway ...

cool new schmavatar

:D I may change it abit though.

Mac? Worst investition ever.
You should regret you haven't bought a PC - better price and it isn't as crap as macs are.

Lol. I've had several pc's until a year ago. And trust me, I know the diffference, and I won't go back. >:)

Simon. I have a question.

I'm collaberating with someone, but whenever he adds me as a co author it never shows up that I did co authors with him.

What did I do wrong? Is their something I didn't do?

You both need to add eachother as portal buddys. Try that.

I did and it didn't show up. Is it because it's in judgement?

I don't know :S

There might be as easy as a problem though. It has happened to me sometimes too...



seriously?!! a new mac mini? I just got mine... they better not release a new one!

:O I hope for you that they doesn't do, bu tfor trest of the world, that they do.

Ha, afro looks great :)
nice morphing

Thanks :D

my 20" imac's about three years old now, but it's still doing everything I ask it too. And the screen is more stable than the new ones so it doesn't need the colour caibrating as often.

Well then.

When are they coming out?

Hopefully Apple will anounce the new ones by the end of October OR this week...

lol i have a mac desktop that's 4 years old and you're getting an imac after a year?


ah you mac people are hilarious it's like you enjoy getting ripped off

I don't hate pcs. I just love my mac a thousand times more.

I've seen the difference.



nice gif


Mac certainly are really cool to work with, sadly I still have a bulky pc :)
Thanks again for drawing that picture dude it is friggin awesome! Stay L33t and keep up the good work dude! And by the way, awesome animation!


Thank you thank you!!


Oh yes oh yes!

You could build a Mac (or PC) for half the price as the retail. Btw its good that you answer all the posts :)

But I don't want to build it. Since apple makes tha hardware AND the software, they can make them flow seamlessly with eachother in a way that PC's can't.


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